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1.      Woman      : Look at that old man. He is cough
  ing all the time.
       Man          : It looks like he is suffering from
                          a bad cold.
       Woman     : …….
a.       How pity the old man is
b.      It’s not good for you to say so
c.       You should consult to the doctor
d.      I don’t know that old man
2.      Woman      : You look unhappy today. What’s
  wrong ?
       Man          : I’m having trouble with he
      Woman      : ……
a.       I should repair your car
b.      That’s very kind of you
c.       You can use my car if you need it
d.      That won’t be necessary
3.      Woman      : Your poem is so beautiful
  Everybody praises it.
       Man          : …..
a.       I am sorry to hear it
b.      I am fine, thank you
c.       I am glad you like it
d.      I am interested in it
4.      Woman      : Excuse me. I was in line here first
Man           : ….
a.       Oh, I’m sorry
b.      Really ?
c.       Not again !
d.      I don’t mind
5.      Man           : My sister was able to speak
  fluenty when she was two years
      Woman      : …….
a.       Okay. Don’t mention it
b.      Really ? that’s amazing
c.       Oh, wait a minute
d.      Don’t bother. I’ll pick her up soon
6.      Man           : I’m sorry for not coming to your
  Birthday party. My mother was
      Woman      : ……
a.       It’s OK. Don’t mention it
b.      It’s all right. I’m glad to hear it
c.       Let’s forget it. I’m happy to hear that
d.      That’s quite all right. I’m sorry to hear that.
7.      Man           : Would you like to stay here a
  little longer ?
Woman      : ……
a.       Meet me at 10 at my house, will you ?
b.      I want to stay at the house number 10
c.       Sorry, what I need is a 10-cm longer stick
d.      Sorry, I can’t stay. I must meet someone at 10
8.      Man           : How was your holiday, Stella ?
  Did you have a good time in Bali?
Woman      : Yes, I did. It was terrific. You
                    should go there sometime.
Man           : ……..
a.       Really ? 1’m glad you enjoyed it
b.      I’m not really satisfied with the hotel
c.       Thank you. I’d love to
d.      It doesn’t matter a bit for me
9.      Woman      : it’s much better to wait until next
  Year to go. Don’t you agree?
Man           : …….
a.       Yes, I couldn’t agree more
b.      Don’t worry
c.       I don’t mean it
d.      Don’t mention it
10.  Woman      : Have you got a room for one night
  Please ?
Man           : ….
a.       I’ll take it
b.      Can I see the room ?
c.       Sorry, we’re full up
d.      I’d like a good hotel
11.  Woman      : How do you like your
  eggs done, sir ? Boiled or
  scrambled ?
Man           : ……
a.       Yes, we hace some corn flakes
b.      Bring me some more toast and honey
c.       No, ma’am. It’stiil fresh
d.      Boiled, please
12.  Man           : Yesterday, on my way home, I
  saw a man who looked like my
  close friend. I came to him and
  tapped his shoulder. To my
  surprise, he wasn’t my friend
Woman      : …….
a.       Oh, that’s a bad luck
b.      I’m sorry to hear that
c.       What a pity
d.      That’s a real shame
13.  Man           : I heard that your son is the first
  Winner of the chemistry Olympic
   Competition. Is that true ?
Woman      : Yes, that’s really true
Man           : …….
a.       I’m sorry to hear that
b.      I didn’t like it at all
c.       Oh, I don’t think so
d.      You must be proud of him
14.  Man           : What’s the matter with you Mira?
  You look pale and weak
Woman      : I’m not feeling well. Perhaps
                    I’m catching influenza
Man           : …..
a.       Do you want to see a doctor ?
b.      Will you see a doctor ?
c.       Why don’t you go to a doctor ?
d.      Don’t you to see a doctor ?
15.  Man           : Waiter, may I have the bill? How
  much is it altogether ?
Man           : ….
a.       Here you are, sir
b.      Certainly, sir. You are welcome
c.       My pleasure, and I’ll see you again
d.      I’m sorry, sir
16.  Woman      : I lost my notebook. Could I
  Borrow yours before the test?
Man           : ….
a.       I know. You look awful
b.      I’m sorry. I’d like to help you, but I can’t
c.       Not at all. I can study on my weekend breaks
d.      I certainly did. I had to take it with me
17.  Man           : How is your business?
  Running well ?
Woman      : …..
a.       Yes, I am very satisfied with it
b.      Yes, the running race will be started
c.       Oh, I am satisfied to hear the news
d.      Fine, I practice a lot in running
18.  Man           : Have you heard the good news
  From Daddy ?
      Woman      : No, what is it ?
      Man           : We’re going to Singapore next
      Woman      : ….
a.       That’s terrible thing
b.      You don’t belive it
c.       What a surprising news
d.      What a wonderful thing
19.  Woman      : How would Ali make his living if
  he lost his job ?
Man           : Don’t you think he might become
                    a businessman ?
woman      : …..
a.       I’d like to have a long chat with you
b.      I’m afraid I can’t do that
c.       That will suit me perfectly
d.      I don’t think that’s very likely
20.  Man           : How’s your younger brother
  doing ? I heard that he had a fight
  with a boy from our
  neighborhood? Is that correct?
      Woman      : ……
a.       I’m very pleased with his success
b.      I’m sorry to hear that
c.       I’m very much displeased at his conduct
d.      I’m very much delighted to hear the news.
Reading comprehension
This text is for number 21 to 22
Why don’t you stay with us for the long weekend ? From April 14 to 16, the room package starts from Rp. 950.000,00 for 2 nights, including breakfast for 2 adults plus 2 children under 12 years old. You will also get a 10 % discount on food and beverages.
21.  Who makes this advertisement?
a.       A restaurant
b.      A hotel
c.       A department store
d.      A finace
22.  What is being offered ?
a.       April 14 to 16
b.      2 adult and children
c.       A 10 % discount on food and beverages
d.      Rp. 950.000,00
This text is for number 23 to 24
To make jelly, you need a pack of jelly powder, a liter of water and 25 grams of sugar. This is the way to make jelly. First, pour a pack of jelly powder into a liter of water. The, heat it on the stove. Stir it slowly until it is boiling. Don’t forget to add the sugar. Bring it to the boil again. After that, pir the jelly liquid into the moulds and let it cool.
23.  What is the topic of the text ?
a.       How to boil water with sugar
b.      How to make jelly
c.       How to heat the jelly powder
d.      The materials needed to make jelly
24.  How many materials do you need ?
a.       1          b. 2                  c. 3                  d. 4
This text is for number 25 to 29
Last Sunday, uncle Sam took me to the swimming pool. He said he was (25)……. to teach me how to swim. I hated water, but it was compulsory for us to learn (26) …….. in my school. In the (27) ……, I was very scared because I had never (28) ….. before, so uncle Sam held me as I learnt to kick and float in the pool. Then , I practiced using the swimming board. Findly, I could swim with the board without (29) ….. help. Now, I look forward to my next swimming lesson.
25.  a. going
b.      go
c.       be gone
d.      gone
26.  a. swim
b. swimming
c. swum
d. swam
27.  a. beginning
b. begin
c. began
d. begun
28.  a. swim
b. swam
c. swum
d. to swim
29.  a. any
b. many
c. more
d. most
This text is for number 30 to 31
A strong earthquake rocked parts of Indonesia’s North and West Sumatra Province on Thursday, 25th July. The Meteorology and Geographic agency, Lukito, said that the earthquake that struck at 6:6 P.M. was centered under the Indian Ocean, about 920 kilometers northwest of Gunung Sitoli, Nias Island.
30.  What is the topic of the text?
a.       The earthquake
b.      Lukito
c.       Gunung Sitoli in Nias Island
d.      West Sumatra Provinxe
31.  Where was the center of the earthquake ?
a.       In Gunung Sitoli
b.      In Nort Sumatra
c.       In west Sumatra
d.      Under the Indian ocean
This text is for number 32
Your attention, plese. Lufthansa flight LH 176 to Frankfurt is ready for boarding. All passangers, please proceed to gate 2B
32.  Where would you be likely to hear the announcement ?
a.       at the train station
b.      at the government’s office
c.       at the recording studio
d.      on an intercom
This text is for number 33 to 35
Dear Mila,
Thanks for your invitation to come to your concert. I’m happy to receive that, but I’m sorry that I can’t be there. The problem is that I’m very busy finishing my project with my team right now and I don’t have enough free time. But don’t worry, I will ask my partner Tamara to come to your concert. She really loves your performance. So, thanks once again for your invitation and I do hope that I can meet you later.

Your friend,


33.  Who sent the invitation ?
a.       Mila                             c. Tamara
b.      Anggara                      d. Event organizer
34.  Why does Anggara refuse her invitation ?
a.       He will ask his friend to come instead
b.      He is still busy with his project
c.       He has enough free time
d.      He doesn’t like to come to the concert
35.  Who will go to the concert replacing Anggara?
a.       Himself                       c. Tamara
b.      Mila                             d. Event organizer
36.  Adrian       : There are so many TV channels
  that show comedies
Bayu          : Yeah, but I thinks box office films
                    are most interesting than comedy
37.  Sabrina      : Do you know the man that is standing
                     over there ?

Salman      : Of course I knew him. He is
                                        b                 c
                    Mr. Achmad, our team leader.
38.  Jack           : The canteen near my office is
                    relatively inexpensice, but the
                    food isn’t very delicious.
                    I eat there all the time if the food
                   were more delicious
Garry         : That’s a good idea
39.  Furqon       : Excuse me, how must I get to the
  President University ?
Farida        : Go straight on, take the second left.
                                  b                                   c
                     It’s the first building on your left
40.  Teacher      : Pay attention, guys. Students whom
                        a                                             b
                      have part time jobs need to manage
                      their time wisely
Student      : Okay, Mam
41.  I think it’s going to raining this afternoon. The
     a                            b                    c
sky is very dark
42.  Rhea          : How was your Holiday in Bandung?
     a         b
Theo               : it was great. Bandung is a wonderful cities
                                        c                                                         d
43.  Darian       : Look ! The woman which wallet
     a                                b      
  was stolen called the police !
Harry         : I think that’s a proper reaction
44.  Latif          : Wan, have you bought the mana
  a               b
   gement book ?
Irwan         : If I had went shopping this
                    morning, I would have bought
                    the book
45.  Mom          : Listen to me carefully please,
  Aisyah. If a stranger offers you a
  meal, you must not getting it.
  Never take something from a
  stranger. Do you understand ?
Aisyah       : Yes, Mom. I understand.
46.  Fera : Do you know Mr. B.J. Habibie?
Jane : Yes, of course. He is one of the smarter
                                       b                            c
         person in Indonesia
47.  Waiter       : Could you like to order now ?
                 a                          b
Dena          : yes. I think I’ll have asparagus
soup and a grilled rib
48.   Didit         : Are you going to see Marjinal
  concert tonight ?
Ardi           : I’d like to, but I can’t. I has to
                                               c         d
                  Finish my work for tomorrow
49.   Ratna        : Everything was nice here, but
  how about the service ?
Rendra      : Don’t worry about it. We serve
                               c                                 d
                  you twenty four hours
50.  A week ago, Maria was knocking down by a
               a                       b                    c
car and got hospitalized for a week.

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