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20. Demonstrate, rather that explain, new activities
A lot of class time is wasted if students do not know exactly what is expected of them
There is no better, or more explicit, way introduce new activities than or the teacher to demonstrate, or ask a group of students to demonstrate.
Demonstrating reduces the amount of unnecessary teacher language. Is explicit, gives an idea of timing, and is generally more effective than any explanation.

21. Exploit rela events
The teacher sets up situations and gives students an opportunity to practice.
More difficult, and more useful, is to stimulate the students into using the language naturally. for example, the students know something about school life which you have not yet heard. Such situations provide a rela opportunity for students to use their English naturally and communicatively. For such an activity to be convincing it is not essential that the teacher really does not know the information: what is essential is that the students believe teacher does not know, and genuinely wants to know
To often teacher try to give thing to students. Some of the most lively and natural language use can be stimulated by asking students about what they already know, and are interested in.

25. Expand, don’t clutter
Bad teacher are disorganized – good teachers are organized – but very good teachers are hal organized – and have the techniques at their disposal to develop a small amount of material in ways which respond to the students particular needs or mood in that particular lesson.
If you ever find yourself saying I think we’ve just got time for a grammar practice pronunciation practice … before the end of the lesson you have not taken on board the advice of this section – relax, stop pushing, create space. Remember, students learn besar and alert, but equally are also relaxed.

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